Why Buy?

Elevate`s prepaid salon and spa promotions are often exclusively created for staff of corporates and other businesses. So if you have received information sent to your workplace, or one of your friends or colleagues has forwarded you the info....you're eligible to buy!

These multi-visit packages are excellent value. Why so good? Because the salon or spa wants to create a great rapport with you during the promotion, so that you`ll be so impressed you'll want come back again and tell all your colleagues.

PLUS on top of the treatments you receive for the initial purchase; each offer has an exclusive Bonus Chart that provides a range of optional extra discounts. To get even more value from your package you can use as many of these extra specials as you wish.

If you`re someone who loves to look their best or spends a lot on hair and beauty, you will love what an Elevate offer provides. And of course, you`ll be introduced to a fabulous new salon. It could be a match made in heaven!

  • "Elevate Advertising are a highly professional marketing outfit who delivered on their promise which was not only to attract new clients through our door (which is the easy part), but to provide a quality of clientele which thoroughly complemented our brand. Our campaigns owe their success to Elevate`s enviable contact database which allowed them to carefully coordinate our campaigns to suit our exact requirements. Following an initial trial at our Manchester salon, where the results were beyond our expectations, we have since rolled out similar campaigns in Birmingham and continue to work on developing new campaigns in the future."

    Ben Kennedy, Marketing Manager, Nicky Clarke Salons

  • "We engaged Elevate to conduct a series of sales campaigns to promote new business interest from local company employees. Business owners who see clients long term will undoubtedly want to explore the opportunity further. Elevate deliver on their promises and have provided new opportunity in a difficult climate. Highly recommended and repeat business will ensure."

    Adam Flint, Operations Director of the Skin Health Spa Clinics

  • "Elevate have found us new, professional clients & has helped to grow our team! This has also given the Saks brand great presence in our local area. I would happily recommend Elevate and will be contacting other Saks Salons and letting them know of the success we have had with the campaign."

    Ellie, Salon Manager of Saks Milton Keynes

  • "We have been working with Elevate since mid 2014 and we have received 300 clients through their targeted campaign. We have found Elevate to be highly organized and professional supplying us with timely, accurate and relevant clients. We anticipate that our relationship will develop and we have already ordered another 200 client searches during Q1 2015. I would highly recommend their services and their professionalism."

    Mark Weston, Owner, Muse of London

  • "The past 4 months have been our most profitable due to our Elevate promotion! When Elevate approached me I was sceptical as have tried various advertising strategies and none have been that successful. But Elevate were so professional and helpful that I thought I'd give it a go.
    Since working with Elevate my business has improved and the clients that have been directed to the salon have been lovely. I would recommend any salon that has the room for new clients to take on Elevate."

    Lara Wintle, owner of Arena Hair

  • "Working with Elevate was one of the best decisions I ever made relating to marketing of my 5 Star Salon! Elevate have a very professional and dedicated team and in a very short space of time I was seeing new clients coming through the door. Now it was up to me and my team to retain these new clients.Theirs is an excellent concept providing it is marketed and sold correctly and in both aspects Elevate have not let me down. I would recommend anyone looking to increase business to give it serious consideration. I look forward to continuing working with them."

    Sandra Kotecha, Owner, Original Hair Studio, Bolton

  • Out of the 380 Elevate clients who have completed the promotion, we’ve currently had 110 clients re-book with us. We make around €40 average per client, but some will spend €60+ and some haven’t even completed the promotion yet. The only issue we’ve had with Elevate clients is that they think they can be booked in whenever they want. We only have a certain limit of Elevate appointments each day, so sometimes we must turn them away. Other than that...... its brilliant!

    Valerie Cahill, Owner, Ikon Hair Design, Cork

  • "Elevate were extremely easy to work with, they guided us through the whole process to make sure we were clear on how the whole promotion worked. They reached out to hundreds of customers within the local area that we wouldn't have been able to reach ourselves which has helped promote our salon greatly for a very reasonable free. The promotion we did with them has boosted our sales and has gained us many new loyal customers. I would highly recommend this company."

    Paula Griffin, owner of Mane St Hairdressing, Bournemouth

  • “I believe we are now up to promotion number 6 with Elevate. It is without doubt the most effective means of marketing our Hair & Beauty businesses. We launched an Aesthetics Beauty promotion mid-2017 for our Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Didsbury clinics. It focussed on Laser Hair Removal, Microderm and Skin Peels.

    Yes, the promotion was 4 heavily discounted appointments. But we have had between 70 – 80% of the Corporate Beauty Card buyers then upgrade and book further Laser Hair courses or more treatments. It’s proven to be very profitable and once again has introduced lots of good new clients who work around us. We’ve found it’s also great for brand awareness in the cities our new clinics are based in.

    On the back if its success we’re about to launch a brand new Hairdressing promotion, and I’m excited about seeing the results”

    Karol Skwira, Managing Director, Pierre Alexandre Hair & Beauty Salons

  • “We have tried many ways to increase our client numbers over the years but Elevate has proved to be, by far, the most effective. Unlike most other marketing companies, Elevate specifically target the kind of clients we want to attract and the Corporate Package offered is tailored to both salon and client needs, as are the numbers being offered for sale. The ability to upgrade clients from the initial package offers us the chance to increase revenue immediately and the option of introducing a partner or friend is also a great selling point.
    As a result, client retention is higher with Elevate than anything we have previously tried. We have been very impressed with the results from our first two campaigns and are now planning our third. Elevate are very professional in everything that they do and because they took time to understand our team and what we required, the packages are well presented and reflect the values we have as a business."

    Alastair Taylor, co-owner of Charlie Taylor Hair & Beauty

  • “Our first campaign with Elevate has been a big success. 124 new clients bought our 3-visit VIP Pass. Of the 372 appointments, 289 of them were upgraded, with an average spend of £31. Then 91 retails units also purchased, so around £9870 in upsell spend. So far we’ve had 53 (43%) of those clients book visit 4, and then 22 of those have already booked visit number 5!

    New revenue from the Elevate promotion is at around £12,500 from those 124 pass buyers and growing. We’ve made sure to give each buyer a 1st class service and have gained lots of great new clients as a result. We’re already about to launch campaign number 2”

    Ellie Carter, Co-owner of Carter & Shields

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